Analytical Services

Diagnostic and Analytic Services

Most companies are started and run by people who either know how to make or sell some product or service.  Diagnosing business financial issues is not typically one of the strong skills of these movers and shakers.

I offer an independent financial point of view backed by over forty years of looking for and finding what the problems of a business are.  Adding multiple, creative alternate courses of action to cure these issues based on facing similar problems is one of my strong suits.

Sometimes I must offer disagreeable courses of action but never disagreeably.

I have extremely well honed skills in cost accounting, pricing, breakeven analysis, margin analysis and sorting out which parts of a business are making money and which are not.

Knowing how to use and understanding the basics of breakeven, marginal contribution, cost restructuring, fixed,  variable and step function costs, pricing and how they interact is basic to this discipline.

Improved Reporting

Once a new course is determined by analytic methods and a new strategy is established it is extremely important to establish inexpensive, highly focused reporting of the key drivers of your success plan.  This has been an emphasis of my consulting practice over many years.  It’s called keeping your eye on the ball.  It has proven its effectiveness in almost every case.

Ask me what is a Broad Axe Report and why you should have one.

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