Leadership Services

Contract Chief Financial Officer

For companies that are not yet ready or able to employ high level financial leadership, I offer weekly or monthly oversight and direction in this area.  The benefits are usually far more than the cost of such services as entrepreneurs are not usually financially oriented in their thinking but rather focused on the operating and marketing functions of the business.  As the business grows and can justify its own internal staff this service is phased out.

Contract Chief Executive Officer

However caused, the sudden loss of a Chief Executive Officer can bring great hardship for a company and its owners.  I have been the CEO of several client companies as well as my own companies.  When this sudden need arises, having someone to step in and hold the ship together and steer it forward can be extraordinarily valuable.  Just the time to make good decisions in such a situation can make a huge financial difference as opposed to the fear inspired reactions of non operating owners.

Directorship Service

For companies that need to develop a stronger more organized and inclusive form of governance as part of their growth and development, I can provide either a formal or informal directorship role.  These services include developing what are the appropriate members and functions for a board for your company and helping you execute these functions as the board learns its function.  Again the founders or family that starts a business is not usually financially or structurally oriented and may find this a difficult task to develop meaningfully.




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