M & A

I have designed and executed a number of acquisitions and  assisted on a number of divestitures during my career.  The application of this work can be to cure the lack of a successor, to eliminate non-participating investors, to buy out Uncle Harry or to buy in to something very attractive to an entrepreneur.

Today businesses get frequent letters and calls indicating that someone is interested in buying their company.  Many of these contacts are fishing expeditions to try to obtain clients for brokers.  The services I provide are from your side of the table, giving you experienced advice on whether to buy or sell, at what price, upon what terms, and with what security.  As someone who is committed to your best interest rather than to a transaction I am usually the only unbiased person in such a transaction.

I also help companies to prepare and negotiate sales of all or parts of their companies.  Such help includes the evaluation of a companies historic income statements for the adjustment of costs associated with private company operations, evaluation of the likely sales price range, consideration of the tax consequences, discussion of the best candidates for the sale of your business and evaluation of the results versus your objectives of any given scenario.

Objective advice in such situations is a rare and precious commodity which I provide.

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